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The 3rd UCAS Postgraduate Symposium
Aquatic Sciences: Current Research and Perspectives

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Date: April 11-14, 2011
Venue: Kadoorie Institute (HKU), Shek Kong, Hong Kong

The 3rd joint-postgraduate symposium was successfully held at the Kadoorie Institute (Shek Kong Centre) of The University of Hong Kong during 11-14 April 2011.This year, 42 postgraduate students working on aquatic sciences joined this symposium. They come from seven universities including The University of Hong Kong, Xiamen University, Institute of Hydrobiology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China, Kyoto University, Baptist University of Hong Kong and National Taiwan University.

UCAS continues to serve as a platform for young aquatic scientists to share their research experiences and learn to collaborate together. This year, students not only gave oral presentations on their own research topics covering ecology and biodiversity, pollution and anthropogenic effects, and conservation and management of our aquatic environment, they also exposed to other learning opportunities including group debate on controversial environmental issues and ecotours to the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden and Mai Po Nature Reserve.

All participants enjoyed the symposium and they responded with positive feedbacks. "I was extremely impressed by the interactive atmosphere of the symposium and never imagined that postgraduate can take such initiative to organize a symposium. I won't hesitate to promote UCAS symposium to our institute", Mr Tang Weixing, a participant from Institute of Hydrobiology Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

We would like to thank Prof. Gray A. Williams and Prof. Minhan Dai for their support and encouraging us to establish UCAS and the postgraduate symposiums. We are also grateful to all our staff mentors at both universities and also thank Prof. Rudolf Wu, SBS, SWIMS, COE, MEL and Bio-Rad Laboratories for their sponsorships of the 3rd UCAS symposium.

UCAS is looking forward to seeing you in Xiamen in 2012. We are going to involve more institutes, with hopes of further promoting better science by building an active community of young scientists in South East Asia.

Click to view the debate grouping and topic, the symposium handbook and the local information for participants.

The press releases in Chinese are now available on both XMU webpage and MEL webpage.


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