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HKU Ecology & Evolution Fieldcourse 2012

Date: October 29-November 2, 2012
Venue: Pak Tam Chung

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The five-day fieldcourse this year moved back to Pam Tam Chung campsite with increasing number of students participated. 14 undergradates and postgradates from XMU mixing with 113 HKU students, together with visitors from University of Johannesburg, South Africa, joined this annual flagship event of Ecology & Biodiversity major of HKU. Students were led by demonstrators visiting different natural habitats of Hong Kong, including sandy shore, mangrove, freshwater stream, hillside and country park. During the camp, they learnt to identify different plant and animal species, investigate and explain the distribution and abundance of these organisms and appreciate the biodiversity. Students also formed groups which they had their own species identification for each group, and they were given 10 mins to present an environmentally-related topic in the "Environmental Soapbox" session.

This fieldcourse not only delivered scientific knowledge to students, but also promote cultural exchange among students from different universities. We hope that more academic and cultural exchange opportunities for the both undergraduate and postgraduate students will be available in the future.




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